If you have not taken part in escape/live plays so far, do not start with this as later on all others might seem terribly dull.’

We create puzzles built aroud worldwide-known characters so that players of any territory can immediately identify the challenge and the atmosphere they will be faced when entering the escape room.

Our franchise partners:

Austria – Smart Rooms  – Secrets of Da Vinci, Dracula & Frankenstein

Greece – Secrets of Da Vinci, Titanic

All tasks to complete are uniquely created, matching the style of the given room and, most importantly, lacking the skill and luck factors; players need to rely entirely on their logics and associative thinking, thus amplifying the importance of team work. One program of ours can be visited from 10 years of age, providing a perfect entertainment for the whole family.

No mistake to call it the best place we’ve ever been to! Perfect in the tiniest details, it shows that a lot of energy and time had been devoted into it before they opened.’

What we offer

  • Specially designed games – All our puzzles are created with thorough investigation, resulting in a historically precise and trustable content. All games, puzzles and their elements are under copyright.

  • Downpayment – We ask for an advance fee upon signature of Agreement with a second installment prior to opening, thus guaranteeing our partners maximum services.

  • Individual prices –  Costs are easy to plan this way.

  • Tutorial – We share every tricks and tips necessary for providing a quality service.

  • Description of games – The rules, flow of the game(s) will be delivered along with all necessary elements (graphics, music, effects, etc.)

  • Help in implementation – We are at help when building the room(s) to assure a smooth process.

  • Continuous help – We are available at any time in case questions, problems arise.

The puzzles are really difficult, even sweatening at times but they need no special skills. Logical and observational abilities must be taken advantage of.’


Steps of franchise

  • Get in touch with us
    Simply send an e-mail to info@davincititkai.hu with your ideas and questions – we will reply as soon as possible, providing further descriptions along with an offer. Please write something abot you and your company!

  • Negotiations
    All details, terms and conditions will be clarified to the satisfaction of both parties.

  • Agreement
    The previously negotiated agreement will be signed.

  • Planning
    All steps will be planned from the very beginning till the room opening including the marketing strategy.

  • Guarantee
    We undertake to keep all deadlines so that the game is totally ready by the opening date.

  • Supply of materials
    All creative materials (logos, web framework, business cards, advertisements, etc.) and puzzle elements (task sheets, responsibility notice, rules, music elements, etc.) will be delivered along with their English translations.

  • Training
    All necessary information concerning the puzzles and their operation will be handed over for free.

  • Opening
    We are avilable should any problems, questions arise before opening the Room(s)

  • Continuous further help
    Naturally, we are ready to assist in operational matters of any kind at any time.

  • First written refusal
    Any franchise partner will have an option on other games of ours for their own territory, even if invented in the future.

We were provided a lot of scientific information, without the need of actually longing for the desire to get it.’